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⎈▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾► a  world building coalition ▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾►

spacex // syncopy

virgin galactic // blue origin

rocket lab // amistice //


world building institute // dearmoon // conex research +

nova space art // IAAA // celestis  

biosphere 5

hyper mag drive intra-exogenesis


ocean cleanup ::: one tree planted


a clean rocket ship for our hearts

experience invention

// quantum relativity //


>> unified fields << 

a new science


we terraform light



twin flames caught in an unexpected dream. 

our running joke was that she was the president of space & i was the president of time. a "creative collaboration." giusto...totalmente...

in her book i was the secret

travelers of the infinite

resonating ineffability

a fellow change agent

bound by the question

of a past life

and an ecstatic reflection


an infinite mirror effect

with genevieve & andrew c

a heart aching kind of love

when in cloud 11

root network

unlocking red woods 

filling in the air

beaming photons into the soil 

great place for an eagle to land

figure eights 

obstacles of play

towering magistrate 

cloudy dance with up-pour

ticking to the tune of concentric 

orbital layers embedded beyond the rough

too hard to cut down 

simply a nature reserve

for diverse life to flourish

perceptive fields

a memory echo

as the sun mirrors the ocean


to be continued...

basic household item



shutter speed

light form voluminous energy



25 frames

to 1

then zeroth

just pure light

nanoseconds times a trillion

capturing utter stillness

like a blink

in perception

jumping through the space between the second marks

suddenly a fractal spiral deconstructed


invisible no longer

earthly delights


waldo sights

reach new heights

with a density in texture

that fragments architecture

i notice a blue orb in the distant Y

reminiscent of another' pi

a lagoon with a tune

and a long telescopic moon


i can only presume

then again there's another spiky blue to the positive X

simply a reminder of a polarity in the opposing temple

of enlightenment

an access point of light

that sometimes tilts backwards

into shadow

when we've spent so much time dancing with splendor

nude to the effervescence

surrendered to an ecstasis

not yet aware of the bliss in the sky

if only one of those nudedens had their own telescope

then they would see the faint texture beyond

fairies with apple punctured swords

plato's mountain

and a dark surrealism off to the east of a melting clock

what's his name

the cello somberly sings


a precarious nostalgia

& subtle energies

that pierce

and move


shattering illusions

that crash into the abyss

with beaming light

and somber bliss

to feel fiercely

once again


cinematic reality

from LA to Sicily

Life became our stage. It was an entirely different plane of existence that we felt, enraptured by the ecstatic now.


A memory ignition.

we sailed with a new tempo

venturing between islands of consciousness

filled with wonder

peering into each other's eyes

feedback looping sight

timeless joy

sailboat suddenly my office

while producing an event back home

inner space

then we were suddenly guests

with light shone

as she became a maiden of love with hidden truths